When deciding to start a home project many questions come to mind.  Colors, which rooms to do should we paint the trim and doors or just walls and ceilings.  One of the most important questions to ask yourself will be who should we hire.  A starting point for most will be online.  Does the painter have a website with reviews and photos of jobs completed?  Possibly they have a referral from a neighbor or work colleague.  The next step will be to contact each contractor and ask for an estimate.  This will be a chance to meet the painter, go over the project details and get a feel for the project.  You may also want to ask for references or completed jobs to look over.

Another question that comes to mind is the company a large company a small crew or a one man operation.  Will the work be performed by this company or sub-contractors?  These small details will help in making a decision on who works on your home.  The next step will be for the contractor to send a written estimate explaining the work to be performed and an estimate on the cost.  Once the estimate is received the customer may want to look it over compare to other estimates and start to make an informed decision.  The homeowner will also want to consider if the contractor is licensed and insured.  This is usually an easy way to rule out a low bid or fly by night contractor.  Once you have compared each estimate follow up questions may be needed and once that is complete the tough choice to pick a qualified contractor is up the homeowner.  Being able to make an informed decision with written estimates and all available information to the homeowner should make the decision a fairly easy one.