Many exterior items around your home will become green or black at one time or another.  The New England weather we have is a reason why most home will at some point need to be washed.  The main reason will be for aesthetics.  The look of either mold or mildew on your home, walkway or patio can be unappealing.  The next reasons will be for keeping the paint maintained on your home, or some people will be effected by allergies to the mold or mildew.  The process of washing your home could be as easy as using a mild detergent mixed with water and lightly rinsing or as extreme as the need for bleach or even some chlorine to kill off any mold or mildew.  The having to rinse the entire building with a proper power washer and nozzle.  While wanting to get your home as clean as possible, special care for any plants or vegetation around the home exterior will need to be taken.  Some will have to be covered or just made sure to get extra watering after the chemicals are rinsed off the home.

Many homes with wood, vinyl or any type of exterior building will at some point need to be washed to keep up the maintenance on the surface.   This will help with longevity to any coatings on the surface and also help with keeping wood from rotting.   Typically in this area power washing could be done as often as once a year and possibly every few years each home will be different.  Along with washing the home gutters and downspouts could be cleaned and inspected.  This would involve cleaning any debris from the gutters and inspecting each downspout and connection to see if they are all connected and working properly.