Several small steps can help when starting a small or large painting project around your home, office or commercial building.  First for interior painting would be to choose colors and a scheme that will coordinate with what is currently decorated in the home.  Choosing samples and looking at photos will help with this process.  Also when choosing colors the finishes will have to be chosen.  Typically most homes will have flat ceiling paint, either eggshell or matte finish on the walls, and a satin or semi-gloss finish on all trim and doors.   These are just suggestions and a homeowner can pick whichever sheen makes the most sense for their home.

Some bathrooms we use a higher sheen with moisture resistant paint, so each room may have a unique finish if needed. Then the area being painted will need to be decluttered and make sure all items are stored or condensed.  If the room can be emptied that would be ideal if not then as much stuff can be taken out will be best.  These small steps will ensure a smooth project on the interior.  The next steps are similar for exterior painting.  Colors, finishes will need to be picked.  This can be accomplished with samples, looking through photos or simply driving around and looking at other homes.   Once colors and finished are chosen.  The exterior of the home needs to be free and clear so the painters can perform each task at hand.  Any bushes or plants can be trimmed back and any exterior decorations can be taken down and stored for the timing of the project.  Also any furniture on a deck or patio may need to be moved for either power washing or painting.  These items can all be put back once the project is completed.  The rest of the project can be left up to the professionals that you hired to complete the project.